Best VR Headsets For Your Phone

There’s never been a better time to buy a VR headset for your smartphone.


Because there are many models to choose from and most of them are inexpensive. But, at the same time, too much choice can leave you wondering what to buy.

We know how tedious going over endless specifications and relying on user reviews can be. That’s why we’ve tested out more than few affordable, yet attractive models. We’ve taken a look at what they offer and what they can do.

Don’t hold off any longer.

Each of these VR glasses can give you at least a taste of virtual reality, some an immersive look into an incredible world and unforgettable experiences.

Can you stand to wait, or do you want to get your hands on a unit as soon as possible? Read on to find what you need to enjoy the latest technology.

Not to mention that there is a ton of VR Headset Apps available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Top Rated Cell Phone VR Headsets

Merge VR - Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and AndroidMerge-VRAndroid and iPhoneProvide an Immersive Virtual Reality Experience4.1 / 5Fetch Best Price
ETVR 3D Upgraded Virtual Reality Headsets4.5-6.2 Inch SmartphonesMore Closer to the Human Eye Really Perspective3.9 / 5Fetch Best Price
Samsung Gear VR 2016Samsung Gear VR 2016Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edgeWide field of view4.1 / 5Fetch Best Price
VICTONY 3D VR headsetAndroid and iPhoneAspherical High Definition Optional Resin lenses4.8 / 5Fetch Best Price
VR Headset for Mobile Phone by VRidium3.5-6 Inch SmartphonesAspheric Lens Design4.0 / 5Fetch Best Price
VR Headset Top-spring for IOS and Android SeriesTop-Spring-VR-Headset4.0-5.7 inch SmartphonesAnti-corona Professional Lens4.0 / 5Fetch Best Price


Merge VR – Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android

Merge VR - Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android

First in our test is the smartphone VR headset called Merge VR which is produced by a young startup. This unit is fairly rugged and easy to clean, so it’s ideal for kids. It has a purple and black color scheme along with a Transformers-like design full of sharp lines.

Even though this model might look like it’s made out of hard plastic, the material in question is foam. It is light in weight and seems quite resistant to wear and tear. To put the Merge on, you can use the adjustable strap with two points which consisting of stretch material. The padding that rests against your face feels comfortable and does a good job of keeping light out. For those who wear glasses, this virtual reality headset will fit most rims.

As far as controls go, there are two inputs on the top of the mask. These left and right buttons let you steer or jump and run for instance. Most of the time, there’s no need for a separate remote. Like with most other products of this type, you can adjust the lenses, so we didn’t have trouble with image clarity. If you’re wondering about compatibility, Merge works both as an Android VR headset and with Apple products. When using this mobile VR headset, bigger phones can be harder put into and take out. Moreover, the control buttons work best with VR Start, but the content is limited. Before buying this set, check which VR Headset Apps you want to use.

  • Design 79%
  • Quality 85%
  • Price 92%

ETVR 3D Upgraded Virtual Reality Headsets

ETVR 3D Upgraded VR Headsets for phone

If you want a good but cheap VR headset for your smartphone, then the ETVR 3D is a solid choice. It offers great comfort and a wider viewing angle than most products but also supports many different mobiles.
The first thing that caught our attention during testing was the head-strap system. It uses three points and Velcro, but also has foam pads on the back and top. There is also a special, slow-rebound sponge that goes around your nose and eyes. All this combined makes this model suitable for long sessions without fatigue.
On the front of this device is a hinged compartment that opens up when you want to place your cellphone inside. But, it’s always best to remove covers before use. This VR headset can accommodate anything from 4.5 to 6.2″ in size thanks to an adjustable slider. To prevent scratches, your phone gets pressed against cushioning pads. To adjust the focus, there’s a small scrolling wheel or you can use a QR code. Users who wear glasses, will also find that the ETVR 3D fits many rims. Finally, there’s a touch button on the bottom for Google Cardboard support.
Using your mobile’s camera with this device is not an option, even thought the front cover is tinted, but you can use earphones. Moreover, adjusting the lenses by hand can be tricky for some people. It would be best to use this VR headset with a Bluetooth remote for added control and more versatility in VR Headset Apps.

  • Design 76%
  • Quality 82%
  • Price 90%


VICTONY 3D VR headset

For the price, the Victony 3D VR Headset is among the best cell phone VR headsets on our test when it comes to features. It has comfort; it has versatility and comes with a Bluetooth remote. But, is it truly as good as it seems?

The Victony 3D VR Headset with a sleek black design white and silver details. It is mostly made out of plastic, except for the soft cushions that press against your face. Once you strap this model on it is comfortable, even if you are wearing glasses. Speaking of straps, the victony vr comes with a two-point system and Velcro which makes for a snug fit. At the top of this VR headset there are controls for adjusting pupil distance and focus, so we had no trouble getting a clear image. There is also a QR code meant for quick calibration.

This model can fit phones 3.5 – 5.5 inches in its front compartment which opens and closes on a hinge. For better ventilation and access to earphone jacks, there’s is an opening to the side. Finally, there’s the Bluetooth controller that comes with this virtual reality headset.

It comes optimized to work with Android operating systems, but it’s usable for iOS as well. This unit has everything you need as well as a 360-degree joystick.

Less tech savvy users will have trouble with this unit’s badly written instructions. There’s also a lack of information on how to pair up the remote controller and no support available online. Although if there’s a more technologically handy member of the family around they will be able to help you through the set-up within a matter of minutes.

The Victony 3D VR Headset offers unbelievable value for money when compared to some models on the market at the moment. If you are looking for a fun, immersive and easy VR experience that won’t leave you with an empty wallet then this is one of the best options! Coming in at around $20 on the Amazon marketplace after being reduced from over $50 this is a steal and could be the best price we will see in a while.

The Victony VR will completely change your gaming experience, instead of playing the game you are part of it and can be transported into a world of your choice. Gaming isn’t the only thing you can use your VR headset for. You can visit pretty much anywhere in the world and walk around without leaving the comfort of your home. Whether you’d like to visit the Pyramids of Egypt or the Ski slopes of France you’ll be able to simply switch between some of the world’s best destinations within minutes!

This is also a great product that you’ll be able to easily place in a bag and take to a friend/family member’s house. Providing hours of fun and new experiences! Weighing only 13.6 Ounces this should present no problem as far as transportation goes.

Customers have clearly been impressed with the performance of the Victony VR as the average rating given is a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. We hope that this combined with some of the other fantastic features and overall quality of this product have made you take a second look, we would say this is one of if not the best options available in this price range! Thank you for reading and feel free to check out some of our other reviews, articles and much more.

  • Design 79%
  • Quality 95%
  • Price 90%

VR Headset for Mobile Phone by VRidium

VR Headset for Mobile Phone by VRidium

The VRidium Neo VR headset is another affordable model with an eye-pleasing design, but offers limited features. If you want to get a unit to test out virtual reality, this could be the one for you. More demanding users will want something better.

These virtual reality glasses come in all black with a few silver details. For a snug fit, they have an adjustable three-point strap that stretches to fit small and larger heads alike. The areas around the nose and eyes have a soft material covered with faux leather which is comfortable to wear but doesn’t keep all the light out.

Users who have smaller smartphones will be glad to hear that this VR headset works with from 3.5 to 6″ models. If you have a larger mobile, you might need to remove your case or cover. The front compartment uses magnets to snap into place, but they seem stronger than necessary. As a result, you might have a hard time opening this tray. To adjust the distance between the lenses and depth, there are two knobs to the side and one on top, but it can take a while.

All in all, this model offers comfort, but it has a somewhat flimsy design. Furthermore, there are no buttons on the headset itself, so you’ll have to take out your phone to start a movie, and so on. What’s more, there’s not a big selection of VR Headset Apps that work with this unit.

  • Design 75%
  • Quality 90%
  • Price 98%

VR Headset Top-spring for IOS and Android Series

VR Headset Top-spring for IOS and Android Series

The final smartphone VR headset on our test is another cheap product. It’s not the most well-built unit but for the price it’s a good way to have some fun with virtual reality. It can also work with a wide variety of phones and is easy to use.

This model follows tried and tested design with its black color and chrome details. It has an adjustable three-point head-strap made out of stretchy nylon, but it isn’t ideal for longer use. The padding that goes on your face is soft, but there’s none of it around the nose so a bit of light comes through. When you finally put this iOS and android VR headset on, you’ll want to adjust pupil and focal distance. To do that, you can use the two controls on top. It took us a few minutes at the most to sort the lenses out.

The cellphone compartment on these VR goggles can fit devices with a screen that’s 4 to 5.7″. It clicks into place and holds the phone well. To the side of this slot are two openings to connect your mobile to a data cable, charger or earphones.

The Top-Spring Virtual reality glasses are good enough for the price, but could be better. They don’t have an action button, so you will be limited in what you can do with it. For those that want to watch a movie or try a 360 video, and the like, this model is a good option.

  • Design 82%
  • Quality 79%
  • Price 99%

Our Verdict: Which VR Headset for Phone is the Best?

After trying out so many cellphone VR headsets, we had to pick a favorite. We considered things like price, features, ease of use, and comfort before coming to a decision.

Our choice is the Samsung Gear VR 2016.

This model offers good ergonomics with soft padding and stretchable straps. It has a pair of high quality lenses which are quick to adjust, and don’t tire your eyes. For more control over your experience, this unit has a Touchpad and two buttons. If you want to play games, there’s also support for an Xbox One controller.

When it comes to content, there’s a large library of free games, apps and videos available in virtual reality, as well as paid ones. To enjoy your time in VR even more, this product has a 101 degrees field of view, reduced reflections and glare. For the money this is the best smartphone VR headset.

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