VR is on the rise and growing faster than most people expected. It’s gone from a technology that was considered too far in the future to be viable into something that is here right now and making an impact on the tech world and the consumer market.

There are lots of different companies looking to get their hands on this technology or team up with companies that are already working on VR products. It seems like everyone wants a piece of this exciting technology. One of the biggest partnerships for this new industry is between AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and game developer Crytek. Now, Crytek has always been a company that’s on the cutting edge of technology. They are the ones who famously created the game Crysis that was designed to push current generation computer systems to their absolute limit. Most PC users couldn’t even run Crysis on their computers when it first came out. It makes sense that Crytek would be at the forefront of the VR revolution.


Investment in VR growth

AMD has become the only GPU partner with Crytek, and they are looking to partner up with a number of other tech companies to provide them with products and services that will help them push their VR products forward.

AMD is looking to help companies create VR experiences that are unlike anything else on the market. They have already placed their technology in 10 different universities around the world, equipping them with tools and resources that will help to create incredible VR products and experiences.

China Takes the lead in VR

AMD is also working to push the VR experience in China. They have taken a lead over the market there and are implementing VR into cafes around the country, creating virtual reality experiences at what were previously simple internet cafes. There are many different countries that are interested in pursuing virtual reality technology and they are finding that AMD is a willing and able partner. The company has always been at the forefront of the technological curve, and they have been doing all they can to integrate themselves into the emerging VR market.

Virtual reality is just getting started as a viable market niche, and in the coming years, many new products will emerge featuring this technology and showcasing what it is capable of. The surface has only just been scratched so far. In our opinion“Companies like AMD are taking the lead and offering their services and expertise to other companies that have the ideas but not necessarily all the tools to make their ideas come to life”.

Full GPU support

It’s not just entertainment that AMD has focused its VR efforts on. It is also providing VR GPU support for programs that work for the medical and education fields. These are where many of the advances will be made in VR technology, and AMD has ensured that they are in on the ground floor. Like many other tech companies, they expect big things from VR in the near future, and only time will tell if those gambles and investments will pay off like they think they will.

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